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Then their eyes were opened …..Then he opened their minds …. Luke 24:31,45

Jesus appeared to 2 disciples on their way to Emmaus after His resurrection, but they did not recognize Jesus. But they urged Jesus to stay back and they ate together, Jesus broke bread and gave to them, “Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him” Luke 24:31

11 disciples were in a room when Jesus appeared to them, they were startled and frightened. Jesus asked them food, they gave him a piece of broiled fish, when Jesus ate, the word says “Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures” Luke 24:45

To recognize Jesus in the right way and to understand the word of God in its power, we need to urge and invite Jesus to be integral part of our life. Doubtful disciple urged Jesus to join them; fearful disciples were ready to share what they had. Opening of spiritual eyes and mind is always the work of Jesus.

Prayer: Father Lord, we want to live in your presence always, listening and obeying the word of God. Open our eyes to recognize Jesus and open our mind to understand the power of God’s word. Amen.

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