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He will raise a banner Isaiah 11:12

When it looks like we are almost defeated and there is no way out. Lord promises victory. Let us look at the Lord who gives us victory and not at the tough times. Moses hands when it was lifted up to the throne of God, Israelites kept winning and that day Amalekites were completely destroyed. Let us lift our hearts beyond our problems. And “Moses built an altar and called it The Lord is my banner” Exo 17:15
Our Lord is Jehovah Nissi(Our Banner). Let us not have a discouraged mind instead we will raise our heart to your throne. For we know with the Lord, victory is there. We can never lose doing God’s Will. And the Lord is asking “Write this on a scroll” Exo 17:14. Let all see that you are in the winning side. Believe before the actual victory.
Prayer: Thank you for being with me in this battle. I will win. Amen.