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LORD brought us out of Egypt with amazing power, overwhelming terror, and miraculous signs and wonders Deu 26:8


Israelites were slaves in Egypt, they were ill treated. At the due time Lord brought the people with “amazing power, overwhelming terror, and miraculous signs and wonders” Deu 26:8. And lead them to a land of prosperity. We might also be in bondage at present, it might be a habitual sin, or a tough boss, or sickness at home, or might be your financial state. Let it be any sort of bondage, do not lose hope but cry out to the Lord. Remember the word says “When the Egyptians mistreated and humiliated us .. we cried out to the LORD… He heard us and .. So the LORD brought us out” Deu 26:6-8. Today let us cry out to the Lord. He will bring us out, for we are His people. Lord permitted thus in our life that we could see His AMAZING POWER !!!

Moses had to go through 40 years of wilderness; Joseph had to go through 13 years of tough time, Jacob had to run for 20 years, Daniel had to wait for 70 years, Jeremiah preached in vain for 40 years, Isaac, Samuel, Joseph were all children born after long painful waiting, now look at the result of all these suffering and are you also suffering for a long time although you had been praying for a long time. Lord said to Habakkuk it will be fulfilled at the appointed time. You are so special, at the appointed time He will change the situation to glorious results, till then be cheerful and be still and know that the Lord is GREAT !!!


Lord, I am sorry for almost giving up in my situation. I know you have permitted this suffering for greater glory and that I may become more like you. Lord, thank you for making me so precious in your eyes. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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