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“Be very careful not to imitate the detestable customs” Deu 18:9


Many of us have many habits because people around us are like that. Then later we search in the scriptures to see if that is wrong. We always hear questions all around us like, is drinking, smoking, parting, dressing like others etc etc is a sin or not. Some of us will conclude it is not sin and start living in those. Some others want do but somehow avoid it because of the fear of hurting God.

Lord clearly says in this whole chapter do not practice the customs of the people around us. Lord wants us “.. be blameless before the LORD your God.” Deu 18:13. Immediately that comes into our mind, Oh! It’s a struggle to live holy. We need to suppress lot of our feeling. Truly speaking if we get to taste the joy, peace and power of Holy life, we will never ever want to sin. We will be desperate to live Holy.

Living Holy is a struggle when we live for God’s sake. It is a wonderful experience when we do it out of joy and that is the best way to live. Daniel knew this that’s why “Daniel resolved in his heart not to defile himself” Dan 1:8. It is wonderful to know and to live in the fear of God Almighty. It is the most thrilling life ever you can imagine. Result of fear of God is “The fear of the LORD is to hate evil” Prov 8:13. Remember to live holy is to live with God’ attributes. Wow! What a life it will be?


Lord, I am desperate to live holy. But I can not as I am carnal in nature. So Lord please, anoint me with your Holy Spirit that I will live like you in Holiness. Amen.

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