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“Delight yourself in the Lord; and he will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37:4
Pending desires, we are struggling with it. Sometimes we even think is this desire, God’s will. Because we know the Lord gives our heart desires. Word says delight the Lord, how can we ever make the Lord smile by goodness because He is the source of all goodness. Today morning my son came to me from sleep smiling and asked me, are you happy because I came smiling to you. I was so happy, not because of his smile but his burning desire to see a smile on my face.He hugged and kissed me when I smiled. He was desperate to see me smile. Do you have a burning desire to make Jesus Smile? Then Lord will anoint you to live a life that will make Jesus Smile.
If you make Jesus smile, then every desire you have will be the desire Jesus himself put in to you. It will be answered. “If Lord delights in a man’s way; he makes his steps firm Ps 37:23 . I see Jesus smiling at me, because of the desire Jesus put into my life that is to make him smile. For those “He is their stronghold in time of troublePs 37:39 .
Lord Jesus thank you for you are going to fulfill all the desires of my heart. Oh! That I could see your smiling face always. Amen.

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