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“Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you” 1 Sam 12:23

Why we are not able to love our enemies? Why still having bitterness to those who wronged against us, why un-forgiveness to many although we know we have to forgive. All these are because of the root sin, which is lack of intercession. Samuel said I would not sin by not praying for you. So if we are not interceding for others (even our enemies, Jesus set that example on the cross) we are sinning.
We can never have the burden for souls and never be like Christ unless and until we pray for others. Moses said Lord remove my name from the book of life, if you are going to destroy them. Lord asked Ezekiel I want a man to stand in gap to intercede. Can we like Isaiah tell; Here I am! Uphold others in prayers that the Lord will uphold us. Word says Job prayed for His friends and Lord blessed him double.

Lord, help me to cry for others in prayer and fight for souls on my knees. Anoint me with the spirit of interceding. Amen.

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