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“Yahweh’s voice is powerful. Yahweh’s voice is full of majesty”.  Psalms 29:4 


We hear lot of voices all around us; we are able to recognize almost all voices even with our eyes closed. But are we able to recognize the voice of the almighty.  

Microwaves are there all around us, but we are not able to intercept it with our ears, we need special receivers to capture it. Same way voice of the Lord can be captured with a heart and mind that is tuned and still, and waiting to hear the voice of the Lord. Are you tuned to His voice and waiting? 

I once saw a radio that is single tuned to particular station, the channel people where giving it free, for the promotion of their station. If you ON the radio the only station you could hear is their’s, pre tuned and you can not tune to any other channel. Are you pre tuned to the voice of the Lord? 


Jesus, create in me a heart that is tuned to the makers voice. Lord I am desperate to hear your voice, powerfully and in majestic ways. Amen

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