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“Those who trust in the LORD Are as Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides forever” Psalm 125:1Thought
We are gripped in fear when we encounter tough situations. When Israelites came in front of Red Sea, Egyptian army were behind, people started to grumble against Moses. Lord was angry at the people. This was a situation where anyone would have got scared. But people should have prayed to God for deliverance than confessing the negative consequences and questioning God. Do you trust that the Lord will do miracles even in the deepest crisis?

Moses was asked to speak to the rock, to bring out water, but Moses struck the Rock (might be because the previous time water gushed out when he struck the rock with his rod). Lord was so angry at Moses that He denied Moses from entering into the Promised Land. Lord said to Moses, ‘You have brought dishonor to God by not trust God enough’. Are you bringing dishonor to God by not trusting in the Lord ENOUGH?

The word says those who trust in the Lord will never be shaken. They will never be disappointed. Lord stands for those who trust Him.

Lord, help me to trust you enough in every situation. Teach me how to trust. Amen.


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