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“They had done it just as the Lord had commanded.” Exo 39:43

Many of us had been trying to live a life, which makes Jesus happy. But miserably fail repeatedly. Why, we read about Moses doing everything what God asked him to do. We know even to live righteous, God has to give us strength and the circumstance also should be favorable. That’s why we pray in Lord’s Prayer, ‘Lead us not into temptation‘. David said in Psalms Lord you lead me in righteous paths. So the whole thing of living righteous is from the hands of God.
Then why God is not giving this grace to all, at least those who really desire to live righteous. The truth is, the grace of righteousness is given to us when we really thirst for God. Love to be in His fellowship, and righteousness is the result of this relationship with Jesus. God says about David man after my own heart, although we know David sinned many times. God gave this testimony about David because he really thirsted for God. David said one day in your presence is better than thousand days even in his all kingly splendor. So let us also desire and thirst for Jesus desperately. Then Lord Jesus will do everything for you to live righteous.
Lord Jesus I am desperate for you, I always want to live in fellowship with you alone. All I need is just you. Amen


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