READING  : Mathew 28:1-20
PROMISE  : “Do not be afraid, I know that you are looking for Jesus”
Mathew 28:5
1.    When troubles hit us we search for Jesus. But Do you know.
a.  Alive :”He has risen.” Mathew 28:6. Defeated death and every
powers of darkness.
b.  Waiting : “Go and tell ” Mathew 28:8 He is waiting for you to come to Him.
c.  Presence : “Surely I am with you always” Mathew 28:20 Promised
never ever to leave you alone.
2.    Stop searching for Jesus in your troubles and receive Jesus
into your life. Live with Him every moment of our life.
3.    “They ran to Him, held his feet, and worshipped Him” Mathew 28:9

Jesus I want to be with you at your feet and live a life only with you. Amen