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Do not fight Mat 5:39

VengeanceBut here is what I tell you. Do not fight against an evil person. “Suppose someone hits you on your right cheek. Turn your other cheek to him also. Mat 5:39 Vengeance belongs to our God. We do not need to fight our enemies. Our battle is not against flesh. Battle belongs to our God.

Injustice: Suppose someone takes you to court to get your shirt. Let him have your coat also. Mat 5:40 Lord will protect our cause. Give as we are giving to our Lord. Do not give up, when we face injustice.

Misuse: Suppose someone forces you to go one mile. Go two miles with him. Mat 5:41 when someone is using us unfairly still be available. Lord has taken note of it.

Give:  “Give to the one who asks you for something. Don’t turn away from the one who wants to borrow something from you. Mat 5:42 If we have capability to give make sure give, it pleases the Lord. Do not take undue advantage.

Prayer Oh Lord, unless you anoint us, we can never even attempt any of these. Help us to walk in your ways. Hold us Lord when we are falling. Guide us when we are lost. Amen.

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