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“We saw clearly that the Lord was with you.” Gen 26:28

We want to be like the people in the world when it comes to the way we live and be like God’s children when it comes to blessings from God. King Abimelech said to Isaac our nation has seen you living in company of God. The way we live, people should see God in our life. If we show Jesus in the way we live then. “The Lord worked with them, conforming” Mark 16:20 . Lord will bless us and prove that we belong to Him.
People told Abraham “God is with you in everything you do” Gen 21:22 . Lord will make the world tell this about each one of us, if we live in partnership with Jesus in our day to day life. The world is yet to see how Lord will bless and use a man who is walk in God’s path completely. Let it be me Lord.

Lord, help me to live a life that will make you smile always. And the world will see you in my life.Amen.

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