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And he [Moses] took the staff of God in his hands Exo 4:20 

Story: God called Moses to go to Egypt and to deliver Israelites out of Egypt and lead them to Cannan. Moses told the Lord many excuses, one of the excuses was, what if they [Israelites] do not believe, as an answer to that question the Lord asked What is that in your hand? A staff he[Moses] replied, we know Lord showed miracles with the staff Moses had, being a shepherd he would have used to lead the sheep. 

Lesson: When Moses started back to Egypt, the word of God says Moses took staff of God, it does not say staff of Moses. When we are ready to obey and surrender, all what we have will be powerful weapons in the hand of the Lord. We know this staff was used to divide Red Sea, when the staff was taken and struck the rock water came gushing out, and many other miracles were done using the same staff. Lord can do the supernatural with the little we have. 

Prayer: Father Lord, in my weakness your strength is manifested. Lord I believe you can use any little things from a person who surrenders their life. Amen.

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