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“..they asked each other, Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?” Mark 16:3

Story: Jesus rose from dead on the third day, all the loved ones were sitting and mourning and weeping. At that time, few ladies went to the grave to anoint the body of Jesus; they had a huge question in front of them, who will roll large stone in front of the grave. This obstruction did not stop them, we know they went, even before they reached angels rolled it away and Jesus came out of the grave.

Lesson: We might see some obstructions in our lives, which looks so large. By faith go forward the Lord will roll it away. Angels were waiting in the tomb with the good news of resurrection; to listen to the great news let us walk towards the obstruction. Who will do remove the stone is an irrelevant question (as our Lord will), right action is to keep going and do not quit.

Prayer: Father Lord, I will not quit, I know you will roll away all my obstructions. I will listen to the good news of the power of resurrection. Amen.

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