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QUESTION – How big is your vision…?

VERSE – And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet” Exodus 7:1

THOUGHT – What’s the limit with which you ask God for blessings…? Do not limit what you ask for. God’s arsenal is not limited; God says He made Moses a GOD unto Pharaoh. Look at the size of that calling. Egypt was not just a small country, it was the most powerful empire of that time and Pharaoh is not just a King, Pharaoh is the supreme Emperor of that entire nation, much like God on Earth. Yet God says He has made Moses a GOD unto Pharaoh, Moses who was a murderer, whose bloodline was tampered Exodus 6:20, who was of uncircumcised lips Exodus 6:12. God can use us who are the most unworthy in mighty manner; all we have to do is be available for him to use us. Let not the flaws in us limit our visions and dreams. Ask God to give you nations, wealth beyond imagination, job that’s more than that of a king’s worth, ask big and use it all for the GLORY of God.

PRAYER – Lord, I know I am not worthy O Lord, but still I pray thee to use me like Moses, anoint me much much more, help me to win nations for thee, bless me to stand the gap for billions, make me so rich that my prosperity will bring thee glory and my life.