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“He shall write for himself a copy of this law… It shall be with him and he shall read it all the days of his life that he may learn the fear the Lord his God” Deu 17:18,19


Lord in this portion is telling about the duties of a king who is supposed to serve the people. We also have been appointed to serve God’s purposes. Bible says we are appointed as kings. The King should write down the word of God, He should have the word of God always with Him, He should read it everyday all throughout his life, and the reading will lead to the actual fear of God and a holy life.
Do we carry the Bible everywhere, do we read and study the word of God. Most us make mistake by being legalistic about the reading of the bible, we feel holy if we read 5 chapters {just an example} everyday. It is good to have a pattern and being disciplined. But it is legalistic when we try to read the 5 chapters some how and if we fail we feel guilty. I always believe we can’t measure the reading or the time we spent with God. Most wretched thing is to measure time we spent with God using watch and count the number of chapters we read. Everyday let our heart be desperate to read the word of God and pray.

Ezra reading out the word, people listening were anointed, Daniel reading the word, Daniel got insight to the future, Jesus spoke the word and defeated the evil one, Philip explained the word to Ethopian enuch and word reached a nation, Jesus started the public ministry by reading the word. Everything will pass away His words can never pass away; none of Lord’s promises will ever fail. Let us fall in love with the Lord’s word. Let us love it so much {I wish, we will finish the whole bible in 3 months (remember to read out the bible in pulpit speed it takes only 72 hours)}.


Lord, give me understand and interpret the secrets of your word. Anoint me to love your word so much that every word I will have it written on my heart. I will depend and live on the word always. Amen.

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