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“Jesus was angry as he looked around at the people. Yet he felt sorry for them because they were so stubborn”. Mark 3:5

A sick man came to Jesus to be healed on a Sabbath, but people around were looking to see if Jesus will heal the person, so that they could blame Jesus that He broke Sabbath. These were the religious people of that time, they could not digest Jesus being popular, they were looking at things in the legalistic point of view and they never had the compassion for the sick man. Jesus knew their mind, He was angry at them and felt sorry for them.

We claim to be believers, are we happy when someone else is more recognized, do we easily find faults of believers than seeing their goodness, do we have compassion for people who are suffering. Yes, we are the Pharisees of this age. Hypocrites in ever sense. Still our Lord Jesus has compassion on us. Ephesians 4:30 “And grieve not [NKJV: do not grieve] the Holy Spirit of God”.

Jesus, I am a hypocrite, forgive me and create in me clean heart. And I will be like minded like Jesus Christ. My Father in heaven will say, “He is after my own heart”. Amen.

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