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You are my friends, if you do whatever I command you. John 15:14
Jesus is my best friend; this is the greatest privilege we have. Can we just analysis this friendship, it started by Lord himself taking the first step, but still why are many of trying to achieve it by what we do? Think of a friend to whom you always talk only about your needs and others needs, but actually friendship is all about intimacy and sharing each other what you feel, your secrets. Friend who comes to know about your need obliviously will stand for you get it solved, we do not need to beg him. In Friendship acceptance is not in our performance; it is because of honesty (Speaking to each other what we actually feel, your disappoinments, unbelief, temptations etc, everything), The only thing that is different from normal friendship and our friendship with Jesus is that, to develop our relationship in friendship with God we need to obey Him, why? When we obey Him, we become more like Him and His desire for us is to be like Him, so that He actually can operate through us and relate to us in closer manner. We will enjoy our life more when we are like Him. Abraham and Moses were called friends of God, can we leave the friendship with the world and be the best friend of Jesus (For this very purpose Jesus was crushed on the cross).
Jesus thank you for being my friend, I will always be your best friend. Amen.

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