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“If the Lord is with us, Why has all this happened to us ? Where are all his wonders ?… Did not the Lord bring us out ?” Judges 6:13
When people of Israel were suffering in the hands of Midianites the Lord met Gideon and said. “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.Jud 6:12 . Immediately Gideon answer was the above questions. Lord’s reply was “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midan’s handsJud 6:14.
What was the strength Lord was speaking that Gideon had ? Gideon’s confidence that no evil can happen to them, when the Lord is with them, secondly Gideon also believed in wonders to happen in his times although it was not happening then and thirdly Gideon knew Lord had brought them out of bondage and finally the strength he had after meeting God. If we have the qualities that Gideon had, Lord will tell us, Go… “Am I not sending you ?Jud 6:14. You will be victorious in life.
My Savior Jesus Christ, I want to go in this strength of meeting you, believing in miracles, confidence in you, and thankfulness that you saved me from sin.Amen.

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