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In you they trusted and were not disappointed Psalm 22:5
Lack of trust in God is the only reason for disappointment. The trust, that Lord will deliver you. David said “They trusted and you delivered them” Ps 22:4. Deliverance is the right of those who trust. Ask the almighty God to give you a heart that will trust.
David in the same psalm said “You made me trust in you” Ps 22:9. We love to be a witness for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, the best way is to make others tell “He trusts in the Lord” Ps 22:8. Let the world say I have not seen such a trust. Yes Lord all my situations, you are in control, its so wonderful to think that you are there for me, today I am just going to TRUST!
Lord Jesus teach me how to trust and to live a life where I will only trust in my you. “We trust in the name of the Lord our God” Ps 20:7 Amen

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