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Word of Encouragement


Get yourself ready! Stand Up and Say … Do not be terrified’ “ Jer 1:17


Lord is asking Jeremiah to get ready for doing Lord’s task. Lord wants us to get ready. There might be lot of things going around us; we might feel we are not capable. But let us look at the one who called us.

Lord said ‘Stand Up and Say’ Jer 1:7 Lord want us not to just get ready but to get into action. Stand up from our slumber of sins, laziness and all sorts of evil; and speak out Lord’s Words. Let us never speak negative words but speak Lord’s promises

Lord said ‘Do not be terrified’ Jer 1:7. What ever is our circumstances, whatever is our limitations, Lord out of His abundant love confirms to us, do not be terrified. Let us fear the Lord and never fear the world.


Lord, I am ready to do your will, give me the anointing to act. Take away all my fears and give me the fear of God. You know Lord what I am going through, you are more than sufficient. Amen.

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