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Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you. Joshua 3:5


Is it needed to be Holy to see the wonders of the Lord? It is true that the Lord has worked in the Bible great miracles for the people who lived in sin also. But remember, Lord has saved us from sins and called us to live Holy. Lord has promised special blessing and outpour of His awesome power on to His Children. Remember God’s glory appeared in the Most Holy place. Awesomeness of His power comes down in Most Holy place as the Lord is Holy, now that our body is the temple of God we need to live Holy by the strength of the Holy Spirit and by the grace of Jesus Christ.

Holy living is not an option, but it’s what we are called for, to live like-minded like Jesus. Now do not be legalistic that Lord has denied us because of sins. I have heard many telling that the prayers were not answered because of sins.  Lord replies out of His abundant mercies not depending on our Holiness, that’s why David said, answer me for your name sake and out of your loving kindness. It also said in the word that, we will see the great manifestation of God’s power being poured on to only Holy vessels. Without Holiness even if we are answered, we will end up living in the dominion of the evil one, which will only end in disaster. So let us be serious of Holy living and see wonders without being accused by the evil one.


Lord, help me to be very serious of Holy Living. Anoint me with Your Holy Spirit that I will live as the example set by Jesus and fulfill the desires of my Father I Heaven. Amen.

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