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“Why are you being so kind to me ?” Ruth 2:10

How many times we failed and hurt Jesus ? Still he protected and provided. In trouble, we cry for kindness and forget to thank for the kindness that we received. Even in trouble Jesus is kind enough to keep us from being tempted more than what we can bear. We do not deserve this kindness. Oh! that I could ever understand and thank Him for his loving kindness. Ruth said this to Boaz when He permitted her to stay in His field. “Why are you being so kind to me ?“.
Just because she acknowledged this kindness, Boaz showered lot of favor for her, “Gave her food – more than she could eat” Ruth2:14. Blessed her “May the Lord the God of Israel under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully.” Ruth 2:12 . 

We know Boaz ended up marrying Ruth and their great grandson was David. Jesus came in the same family. All this happened because, one lady in her greatest trail was thankful of the very small kindness she received. History Changed through her, Jesus chose to come through that line. How much should we thank Jesus? Thank Him for His kindness that heaven will open its treasures for you.
Prayer:I do not deserve this great kindness towards me. I want to sink in your kindness. Let your kindness flow to others also through me. Amen.

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