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1 Sam 30:19


Are you been cheated by someone ? Are hurt by someone’s behaviour ? David went through the same situation. He went to help Philistines to fight a battle, they did not trust him and they sent him away. When he came back; Amalekites came and took everything from the camp, their full families and all goods. Seeing this people with Him deserted David even they talked of stoning David

1 Sam 30:6 Are you in a similiar bitter experience ? Do what David did.

1 Sam 30:6 But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. When every hope is gone. get you stength from God by trusting him. Please pour out your pain to God and take His peace in turn.

1 Sam 30:8 Davd inquired of the Lord. Ask the Lord, what should I do. Paul at Damascus asked What do you want me to do ? Jeshoshat asked Oh Lord my eyes are on you, what should we do?

1 Sam 30:9 David went. Listen to God’s voice and obey. Take an action at the order of the Almighty. Stop sitting and crying, Start doing what Lord has commanded.

On the way David found a Egyptian servant who was left behind by Amalekities, David found the camp through him and kills every enemy and word says Nothing was missing

1 Sam 30:19 Wow ! All what you lost Lord will restore.

Lord; you know me. You know my deepest thoughts. You know how much I want to love you ? You know the desire of my heart; to be a part of building your kingdom in power and glory in this world. Help me Lord. Amen.

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