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Joel 2:28-30 “I will pour out my Spirit …will prophesy.. will dream dreams.. will see visions.. I will show wonders in the heavens”

Ponder and Prepare


Book of Joel is just 3 chapters, first chapters is the warning from the Almighty to the nation of Israel because of their sins. The judgement that was about to come is described in the first chapter, and is really terrifying Joel 1:15 “For the day of the Lord is near it will come like destruction from the Almighty” Are we playing with sin, when the fire of God passes on us what will remain. His children will have to pay heavily if they continue to sin. Are you a powerless person because of your prayerlessness?


Chapter 2 description of punishment continues, from verse 12, Lord makes a request Joel 2:12-13 “.. return to me will all your heart .. rend your heart” Lord is asking everyone in the nation to confess with weeping,


Joel 2:18 Lord will be jealous of His land and take pity on His people” Let us run to the throne of grace and confess our sins, cry out for mercy, plead for restoration, submit to live holy, surrender to carry the burden of souls. Lord accepts and forgives the cry from a broken and contrive heart. When Lord shows pity what happens?


Lord said; Joel 2:18:32 “I am sending you .. enough to satisfy you fully … be not afraid.. be glad and rejoice Surely the Lord has done great things… will overflow … I will repay.. You will have plenty.. you will praise the name of the Lord.. never again my people be shamed. .I will pour out my Spirit …will prophesy.. will dream dreams.. will see visions.. I will show wonders in the heavens… everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” When the Lord blesses; we become powerful and will be a blessing to nations.


Joel 3 describes the vengeance of the Lord on the enemies of His people. Pay back belongs to God. And Lord will do it at His time, if anyone has wronged you do not worry Lord is just.


Father Lord, forgive me, wash me with the precious blood of Jesus, anoint me the sweet Holy Spirit. I am yours and yours alone for ever. In Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen.

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