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You can Accomplish

You can Accomplish - Morning Devotion 8 June 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Joshua 23:10, “ One man of you puts to flight a thousand, since it is the LORD your God who fights for you, just as He promised you.”

God battles for us everyday. Hence, we are being granted with ability, strength and grace to accomplish 1000 tasks. God chooses simple people who are weak. Never think that you are alone. God showed miracles through single persons like Elijah, Samsung, Gideon, etc. Reason behind all these wonders is that God was with them who is also with us. If you feel that you are left alone, be encouraged that you will have strength which will overflow until you say “enough”.
Like the Flour and oil overflowed in the house of the widow at Zarepath and overflow of oil at another widow’s house, there would be overflow. Similarly, glorious strength will overflow.

Never depart from the below commands.
(Joshua 23:6) Decide not to turn aside to left or right but stick on to the Lord’s commandment. Decide to walk according to the same.

The last words of Joshua in Joshua 23 & 24, has to be followed.

(Joshua 23:7) Do not conform to the pattern of the heathen tribes who dwelt with the Israelites.

The characteristics of those tribes are as follows:
Hittites – Selfish
Girgashites – Unpredictable People.
Amorites- rule makers who doesn’t follow the same.
Canaanites – trading spirit, which drains out others.
Perizzites – hypocritical life (stand firm in discipline).
Hivites – Narrow minded people/ gossipers with unsatisfied spirit.
Jebusites – fighting with others destroying other’s peace.

Joshua told to be different from these people. Not to mingle with them.
If you are in a lonely situation, God is able to create you to do mighty deeds.

(Joshua 23:11) Love your God. Never drift from it. Do not be a name sake Christian but love God.

People will stand and say that “you are equal to 1000 persons though you were alone”

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