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Then they were willing to take him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading. John 6:21

Are you caught in midst of the greatest storm in your life. What is the reason?, How to come out of it? .


Without Jesus: Jesus was all-alone in the mountain, disciple left to the other side of the sea without Jesus. Let it be whatever reason does not start a day and anything without Jesus. Did you leave Jesus in your church or fellowship?


Wind Against: While they were traveling wind made the sea go wild. Yes Satan attacks you through your loved ones, health, and your work place. Reason for your suffering many times is not the sea (people or situations) but the wind (Satan).


Wrestled Against Wind: Like us the disciple struggles against the wind, we went to doctors, we tried being good and convincing the people who misunderstand us. Stop fighting the wrong enemy; it is not the sea (not flesh or the world) but the wind (principalities of darkness).


Word Listened: They saw Jesus and got scared but they watched carefully and heard the mighty voice of the Jesus. “It is I: be not afraid” John 6:20. Search and wait for the word. Always have a promise for all situations.


Willing to Receive: Ask Jesus to get into your work life, prayer life, personal life, to every moment of your life. The boat will automatically reach the shore (to safety).
Jesus, be the boss of my life in every aspect. I do not want to live or take any decision without you or by not hearing your voice. Amen

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