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Ichabod saying The glory of God has departed from Israel 1 Sam 4:21



In this chapter we see Israel fighting with Pallestine. 1 Sam 4:2 says Israel lost the battle and 4000 people died. Now rest of the people came together and discussed 1 Sam 4:3 Why has the Lord defeated us today? And the came to conclusion that; if they bring the Ark of God then they will win. They brought the Ark and when it came to the camp people shouted and the earth shock 1 Sam 4:7. They went for battle with renewed strength now they lost completely, 30000 people were killed 1 Sam 4:10, Ark was taken, Eli 2 children were killed, hearing the news Eli feel down and died. That day for Eli; a grand child was born. And daughter in law of Eli named the child, Ichabod saying The glory of God has departed from Israel 1 Sam 4:21


Why did this happened even after worshipping and bringing the Ark ?


1.      Continuously taking holy life lightly (1 Sam 2,3). Eli children daily used to sin and Eli never corrected them strongly. Never ignore the warning and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

2.      Never confessed. Lord through Samuel and through people warned Eli, we do not see any confession from Eli or his children. Remember do not ignore the convictions or corrections of the Holy Spirit.

3.      Went for the battle without God and His counsel. We see people just discussing with each other and just going. Stop taking counsel from people, start listening to God.



Lord, I am helpless, I need you to hold my hands and guide me. Oh I am sinful, forgive me. Cleanse me daddy and lead me in holiness. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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