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Who is able to stand before the Lord this Holy God ? 1 Sam 6:20



People of Beth-shemesh got God’s ark. They were very happy and they worshipped. But few people wanted to see what was there with in the Ark, so they went and looked inside the Ark. Which they were not supposed to do. Lord was angry and smote 57000 people. People were scared and said ‘Who is able to stand before the Lord this Holy God ?’ 1 Sam 6:20


Ananias and Sapphira lying to Peter regarding the portion they brought to God, they feel down dead. High Priest who enters the Most Holy Place with sin would fall down dead. Lord is very Holy, His standards are very high. But today we are not facing these consequences because of Grace that Jesus is interceding for us.


Therefore do not take grace lightly. Do not consider God as one who is just above man. He is so holy, so awesome, words are not sufficient to describe Him. He is beyond comprehension. He is Almightily, holiness is what He seeks in us. When we surrender and are committed, Lord transforms us to be like Him. Just trust, obey and surrender.



Lord, I am not even worthy to call you Abba Father. You are great, you do miracles so great, there is none like you, there is none like you. You deserve the glory, honor. I lift my hands and worship. Amen. 

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