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“God Spoke.” Num 4:1

Everyday we hear so many voices and we speak to many people. But of all the voices do we hear the voice of the Lord Almighty who loves us more than anyone else. Do we feel that God is not able to speak to us because we are not holy? If that was the case, God will never be able to speak to anyone. Then to whom does he speak?. To one who really love to speak and to hear from God.

Look at the people to whom God spoke in the Bible, when God spoke to them they were ordinary people like us but after they started to speaking with God, God himself transformed them to great men of faith. Initially God spoke to them not because of their holiness but because of their longing to hear the Almighty’s voice. The mere thought of speaking to God made them overwhelmed with joy, we see that all of them fell face down on the ground when God spoke to them. Let us also long so much that we will collapse if Jesus is not speaking to us. This thirst will transform our life.

Jesus, speak to me always and tune my heart and eyes to hear and see you always. That’s all I desire and I am desperate for it. Amen.

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