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“But when he, the spirit of truth comes, he will guide.. he will speak.. he will tell you what is yet to come” John 16:13

What is relation you have with Jesus, when we can’t hear him, not sure of the future and not knowing the path to go. All these things and relation with Jesus will become strong and right, when the Spirit of truth comes in us, that truth is Jesus, it is the Spirit of Jesus. Jesus promises us in Rev 3:20 to come into us when we hear him and open the door of our heart. Confess and Receive Jesus into your heart. Jesus said who ever ask for the Holy Spirit, He will come into your heart. Stop leaving a miserable life by good desires to live good. Surrender your life and spirit to Jesus will come into you, as Paul says I crucify myself, it now Christ who lives in me. Ask Jesus to be your Boss in your life.
Anointing on the child of God, allow God to live in Him. As you read ask for the anointing, let the Spirit come upon you mightily. Desire and be desperate for Jesus to be in you.
Holy Spirit fill my heart and let it overflow to others. Let all see Jesus in me. Amen.

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