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Learn from Saul part-2

Learn from Saul part-2 - Morning Devotion 9 July 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

(1 Samuel 10:9) God gave another heart. Ask God to give heart as He likes. The heart has to be liked by others.

Our heart was wicked and crooked. But, the heart which is cleaned by God will be beautiful.

More than the riches of this world, a good heart is significant and beautiful.

(1 Samuel 10:16) When God speaks to you, the same shall not be necessarily informed to all.
Mary and Joseph kept the news informing about the birth of Christ in their heart.

(1 Samuel 21:22) When people sought for the King who was anointed, Saul hid himself. He did not go behind the position.
(1 Samuel 10:23,24)God gives position. Never go behind the position. God will appoint for the position. People might not recognise his position.
Never have desire for position.

(1 Samuel 10:26) If God appoints, He will send people to follow.

(1 Samuel 10: 27)Though God appoints for a position, people might not accept us.

When we have vision and plan, the position to accomplish it will be given by God.

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