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Know The Reason For Your Hard Times

Know The Reason For Your Hard Times - Morning Devotion 11 June 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Deuteronomy 4:33-35
God showed signs, miracles, wonders, tests to Israelites to know that He is God.
God allows everything to know what is in the hearts of the Israelites.
(Judges 3: 1) There is a arrival of new generation who were not taught about God and His deeds.
Every enemies who came for battle were equipped but Israelites did not know anything.
Any human who wanted to know God deeply will face tests.God will reveal Himself through the trials.

God leaves someone in our life (like Jebusites,Canaanites, etc) to train us in our lives. He will create us through that.

(Judges 3:4) To know whether the Israelites keep up the commandments of the Lord, God allowed to pass through tears, trials and tests. He wanted to test us in order to testify about us.
Revelation says that the crown of life will be given to the tested and tried.
(Judges 3:8) Eight years they were sold in the hands Cushan-rishathaim king meaning “twice evil” Then, Othaniel meaning “God’s strength” came into their rescue.
When we feel we can’t bare the trials and temptations God will send His glory, strength and power.
Whatever is happening with you is not new but think that you will passthrough this situation too.

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