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Joshua - 6

Joshua - 5 - Morning Devotion 29 April 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Joshua attempted faith every day

1. Joshua attempted faith every day. In Joshua 3:15-16, Joshua makes the first attempt to cross the river Jordan.

Challenges are guaranteed. We will always have challenges, and we need to learn to overcome them through faith. The bible says that anything that doesn’t come from faith is a sin. So every single day, face your situations in faith.

If Joshua didn’t make this attempt in faith, they wouldn’t have seen this big miracle where the river Jordan reversed.

Paul says I don’t want you to be babies still. But be a mature Christian. To be a mature Christian, attempt situations with faith. Do not seek human help. Depend only on God for all your help.

2. God asks Joshua to make a memorial in every place where he experiences a miracle.
Memorial teaches your next generations about God’s goodness and helps them follow and depend on God. It makes you humble yourself before God every time you think of how God worked in your life, how he blessed you. It reminds you of from where you came.

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