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Joshua - 5

Joshua - 5 - Morning Devotion 29 April 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Joshua’s life teaches us to be submissive to authority. He was submissive to Mosses.

Jesus Christ, the only son of God, was submissive to God, the Father. Jesus Christ was accused, humiliated, beaten, striped, yet he was not rebellious but was submissive. Jesus Christ was exalted by God.
When you submit like this, you will be exalted.
Before every victory, miracle, wonder, success, you have to be holy. Let holiness be the predominant thing in your life.

Assumption will lead to disaster.
(Joshua 7:2-4.)When the Israelites were lethargic and assumed everything were right while battling against city of Ai, there was unholiness within them which lead to their destruction.

Always be confident that God has brought to the place wherever you are. (Joshua 3:1)
According to Joshua 3:4, when you focus on God, He will lead you into the path which you have never seen before. When you focus on God, you shall receive the blessing in every new situation, circumstances which you are enduring right now.

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