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Joshua 17:12

Joshua 17:12 - Necked - Morning Devotion 4 June 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Sons of Manassae could not drive out the sons of Canaanites. God promised to drive them out. The reason as to why they couldn’t be driven out is written in Numbers 14:4. The Israelites were planning to get back to Egypt because of the bad report which paved way to the spirit of quitting.
In our lives too, after reached a position, we might have planned to quit. But , we have to abstain it. God who begun in us will bring it to an end. Go forward in your endeavour.

(Numbers 14:10) Israelites planned to stone Caleb and Joshua who brought a good report. The books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel speaks clearly about standing with justice.
The Israelites had a fanatic spirit over the persons who brought good report.

(Joshua 17:17) Joshua said that Ephraim and Manasae that they are strong people.
(Judges 6:14-16)God says to a person from tribe of Manasae as man of valour.
Know that the one with you is mighty.
Always have confidence and go ahead.
People who ignore and reject, has to be get ridden but have people like Caleb.
Never stand up for uncleanliness.
We are chosen to be mighty. Be persistent in reading bible and prayer. By doing so we can drive out the tribes like Cannanites and Jebusites.

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