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the LORD will deliver you …for the battle is the LORD’s 1 Sam 17:46,47



David said the above words to Goliath who was more that 9 feet tall and a mighty warrior; whole nation of Israel was shivering seeing him. But David asked people to send Him to fight Goliath that too with just stones and staff. How was David so brave? How could he even think of such a task? Are we also daunted with situation where we feel incapable and scared?


David could face this because of two reasons.


1. He was sure, the battle belonged to God and He was not fighting. Remember deliverance starts when we realize God is in control.( 1 Sam 17:47)

2. He was sure of the victory, as He said Lord will deliver. Deliverance happens when we are sure of Lord answers and we confesses it in faith.( 1 Sam 17:46)


One thought, I was just thinking; how close David was with God. The above truth is so simple when we are right aligned with God.



Lord, give me the heart of David. That Lord himself will testify of me that I am a man after God’s own heart. Amen.

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