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Danger Of The Spirit Of Murmer

Danger Of The Spirit Of Murmer - Necked - Morning Devotion 3 June 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

God promised to give land of Cannan to Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Joseph. God told, he will drive out all the heathen tribes from the land of Cannan.
Though some of them were overcome they could not be driven out.
(Joshua 16:10)Cannites were not driven out. There were some reason behind it.
(Genesis 20:6) The descendants of Cam son of Noah were Cannanites. Noah himself cursed Cam for letting out the nakedness of his father. (Genesis 9:22,26)

It was told to Abraham that there should not be any relationship with the cursed Cannan.
(Genesis 24:37)
It was instructed as not to mingle with them as they would bring abominable practises.
(Genesis 28:1)Issac also reiterated the same.
Similar teaching was given by Paul to the Church at Corinth.
(2 Corinthians 6:14&15)
(Joshua 11:3&4) Joshua overcame the tribes without anyone being left out. Whereas, the Canaanites who did not battle were existing.

(Numbers 14:27)
***This chapter is very important in our life.
There was the character of murmur in the lives of Israelites.
( Numbers 14:43) They departed from God.
There has to be a consistency in life.
Cannanites were traders who had self fish thinking about themselves.
Many people extract work leading to draining of spirit.
The Cannanites are the present day Syria and Jordan.
The Israel army is still facing trouble with them.

The Cannanites exist in our lives too because of the reason that we have murmuring spirit.

Another reason is drifting away from God.
Backsliding which is inconsistency in reading Bible, attending Church, praying, etc. Get rid of the same.

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