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Danger Of Being Stiff - Necked

Danger Of Being Stiff - Necked - Morning Devotion 2 June 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Joshua 15:63
Israelites could not drive out Jebusites. Along with Jebusites, seven more heathen tribes were also with Israelites.

(Deuteronomy 20:16-18) God gave two important commandments. They are
1.Not to be taught with any abominable practices.
2.Not to be taught to sin against the Lord.
(Numbers 13:29&30) Caleb stated that the people at Cannan could be won. But, Israelites could not drive out the Jesbusites.

(Exodus 33:2&3) God said Israelites were stiff- necked.

(Joshua 15:63) They stayed at Jerusalem because of the characteristic of being stiff- necked. God did not remain with the Israelites as there was this one character.

Stiffneckness is pride for which God is against.
(1 Chronicles 11:4&5) David conquered the place where the Jebusites stayed but could not drive them out as God did not stay with them.
(Judges 3:5-8) God sold out the Israelites and they became slaves as they had the characteristic of stiff-neck.

(Ezra 9:1&2) The Israelites mingled with the other country people. Pride, superiority, ego will cause downfall.

Jebusites are the present day Palestines. Meaning of Jebusites is “People of dispute”

We remain in the place where there is quarrel, argument, dispute and conflict because of being stiff-necked.

Till day Israelites are spending huge sum in order to defend them because of their stiff- necked character.
If this characteristic is rectified by humbling and committing in the hands of God, nothing can stand against. God who gave victory in the battles without any weapon is with us.

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