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Cure For Curse

Cure For Curse - Morning Devotion 7 June 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

(Joshua 22:1-4)
Jacob’s eldest son Ruban received a curse from his father. It is because of his bad deed.
(Genesis 29:32) Leah’s first son was Ruban.
(Genesis 37:21&22) Ruban is a good person as he safeguarded Joseph when rest of the brothers wanted to kill him.
(Genesis 37:29 & 30), Without the knowledge of Ruban, Joseph was sold out by other brothers.
(Genesis 42:22) Ruban led the family by pre- announcing the danger.
(Genesis 35:22) He defiled his father’s concubine.
(Genesis 49:3&4) Ruban was appreciated and after that was cursed by his father.
(1 Chronicles 5:1) His birthright was given to Joseph’s tribe.
This curse was following wherever his tribe passed through.
470 years they were under the curse.

(Joshua 22:1-4 )Joshua testified that the tribe of Ruban walked as per the teaching of Mosses and himself. They did not depart from the love towards the brother. They were blessed and sent back.
God has given inside each of us a good character.
Curse on Ruban changed as he walked in the right path after that.
No curse is upon us. But, if you realise that you have a curse existing on you, do not depart from God’s commands.
Regain the blessing of God by walking in the statutes given to you.
There is no more curse on us. We are freed from it.

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