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Be An Influencer

Be An Influencer - Morning Devotion 7 July 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Hena’s life influenced the life of her son. Hena sought the Lord, Samuel also sought the Lord. Hena left Samuel at the temple where Eli was a Priest. Eli had two sons.
(1 Samuel 1:24-27) Samuel might have observed his mother’s prayer, petitions she makes to the Lord.
Hena is a prayerful and faithful women, who left her son in the temple as per her promise.
Do our life influence others?
(1 Samuel 2:12) Eli’s sons were sons of Belial.
(1 Samuel 2:17&18) Samuel was serving the Lord.
Warning is that we are responsible for the people around us.
God gave us parents, spouse, children. Whether our life has influenced them?
(1 Samuel 3:3) Samuel was near the ark of the Lord.
Is your children near the ark of God?
There is a statistics, which says 64% people knew God.
Rest of them doesn’t know Christ.
“Is there a need of a missionary to lead your neighbours, colleagues to Christ?”
Let your neighbour’s life change through your influence.

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