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I tell you, although he will not rise and give it to him because he is his friend, yet because of his persistence, he will get up and give him as many as he needs Luke 11:8

This verse came to me when I had all most given up. Felt I could not take it anymore being crushed from all side. Yes I know my Lord is in control, He will bring good out of it, but my body and mind has become numb. I did not have any questions, and I did not have any answers for what was going on. Then the Lord taught me, persist in asking and be patient in waiting. I knew I failed in both, then I pleaded Lord Help me.

Lord told Moses, that He will not enter Cannan still Moses persisted in asking, true He did not enter cannan physically but I believe Lord did a greater thing by making Him see the transfiguration of Jesus. Lord told David, child that Bathseba conceived will die through Nathan, still David persisted in prayer, true child died, but I believe Lord gave Solomon through Bathseba itself because He persisted. Oh! My soul why do you give up?

Lord, make me like Moses and David, to be persistent in prayer in every situation. You know how I have failed you; Help me Lord that I will not fall. Amen.

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