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LORD will open the way and lead us

I will surely gather all of you, Jacob. I will surely bring together the few people left in Israel. I will gather them together like sheep in a pen, like a flock in its pasture. …… The LORD will open the way and lead them Micah 2:13
People of Israel sinned and fell into slavery. Our Lord is so merciful and gracious that, He promised through the prophet that, Lord will gather a remnant like sheep. Sheep usually loses focus and easily, get lost. But the Lord says, I will open a way and will lead them through the open door. When you feel all doors have closed and there is no way out. Just understand your shepherd is walking into the midst of your problem. He has already opened the way, but now He has come in to carry out the lost sheep.

We can never measure Lord’ love, no man can understand the depths of grace. His timings are so perfect. He is the source of all knowledge. We are His children. Let’s be God’s children who trust in their Lord alone. What a beauty to be carried by our saviour, for He knows all about you. He knows your strengths, weakness and even your fears and desires. Just surrender the Lord will carry you through.
Lord Jesus, thank you for dragging me out of miry pit, where there was no chance of surviving. Amen.

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