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Joshua said “the LORD your God has delivered” Jos 10:19


We all know Lord can deliver? We know Lord will deliver? But how many of us really believe that the Lord has delivered. The battle with 5 strong kings were going on, Joshua calls the people and tells; Lord has delivered. How could Joshua confidently say that, because He trusted the promise the Lord gave just before going to the battle “The LORD said to Joshua, “Do not fear them, for I have given them into your hands; not one of them shall stand before you.” Joshua 10:8. What is the promise God gave for the current situation you are in?

How do take promises for a situation? Do you forget the promise by the next day? Do you really cling on to that promise? Do you claim the promise? Remember promises can come to you in many ways, through the reading of the word, hearing the word etc. But it comes to people who are waiting, who will really depend on that promise. Are you desperate for the word from the Lord, just be still. Promises of God are powerful and it will surely come to place. Did you receive the word, if not wait in His presence.


Lord; help me to meditate your word, search for the secrets in the word. Let me be a lover of your word. Fill me with your promises. Lord; you know if not for your promises I am a big failure. Amen.

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