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I know your record and what you are doing; you are supposed to be alive, but you are dead. Rouse yourselves and keep awake, and strengthen and invigorate what remains and is on the point of dying; for I have not found a thing that you have done meeting the requirements of My God or perfect in His sight Rev 3:2 (AMP)
Words of Jesus, to the fifth church Sardis in the book of Revelation. Jesus said
1. You look that you are alive but actually dead.
2. Get up and be awake.
3. Hold on to what is remaining for you are dying.
4. Not one thing what you did till now met the requirement of God.
Very strong warning for not meeting the expectations of God. What is His expectation about me? Am I meeting those? Fear is griping me when I compare the Church in Sardis and me. “Tekel You are weighed in the balances and are found wanting” Dan 5:26. Words the Lord wrote on the wall for Belshazzar. If the Lord writes for me what it will be? If I am found wanting? “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” Heb 10:31.
Jesus I know I am found wanting, I ask for forgiveness, never again I want to be found lacking. Amen.

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