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Let us acknowledge the L ORD; let us press on to acknowledge him Hosea 6:3
Yes Lord! I acknowledge and give thanksgiving, for you created the world by your word, you kept Noah and his family safe in the ark, you walked with Enoch, you blessed Abraham and gave him Issac when Sarah was dead in her womb, you changed Jacob’s name to Israel, Made Joseph Prince of Egypt, you alone kept Moses in the palace as the prince and spoke to him from the burning bush and used him to deliver your people from Egypt, you divided the Red Sea, provided water from rock at Horeb, gave the people heavenly food manna, gave quail as meat, protected them as a cloud in the morning and as fire in the night, you gave the promised Land Cannan to your people by over throwing all nations by your power, Wall of Jericho could not stand against your people, you made the Sun stand still when Joshua commanded, you used judges to save your people, you heard Hannah prayer and gave Samuel and used Him to lead the people and then you raised David from being a shepherd, you blessed and did wonders through all kings who were faithful to you, You brought down fire in Carmel, used prophet Elisha and Elijah do great wonders, Used Daniel to interpret Visions about the future, Ezekiel and Jeremiah to expose the sins of the people, Isaiah to speak of Jesus. Used every minor prophet to correct your people and warn of the judgment, used Nehemiah to build the gates of your city, used Ezra to build your temple. And promised to send a Messiah.
Yes LORD I acknowledge you. You are awesome. Amen.

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