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When the kingdom of Rehoboam was established and strong, he and all Israel with him forsook the law of the LORD 2 Chronicles 12:1

When Solomon died, the kingdom was divided and there was lot of confusion. And Solomon’s son became the king in midst of trouble. He followed the Lord and the Lord established His kingdom. When the problem left, Rehoboam son of Solomon left the Lord. Why did he leave the Lord? Do you run to the Lord only in trouble? Is your prayer full of petitions alone?

2 Chro 12:14 He did evil because he did not set his heart to seek the LORD. This was the reason Rehoboam fell of. Is your heart set on the Lord or focus is on the things of the world. Why are you serving God, so that our life will be easier as the almighty God is with you? Will you love even if He does not bless you? Can we confess I serve Him because it’s wonderful to be in His presence? I love Him for He is my maker who created me with a plan.

Surely Lord will establish you; He has seen your trouble. Let us just love Him sincerely.

Lord, You are my almighty who is greater than my problems. You plans for me are greater that my thought. Amen.

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