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Look the hand of the Lord, he wants to teach us about his hands. Ps 123:1,2
It is written, we live under the shadow of the Lord’s hands; we are protected and provided from his hand, Oh! Why then we worry. Under his hands we being shaped to be polished arrows to strike down Satan, Wow, His plans for me is awesome. We are so valuable that the Lord said “I have engraved you on the palm of my hands” Isa 49:16. Why then are you feeling low and useless? Your name is written in the Almighty’s hands.
Still doubt about your future and feel you are not good. Then this is the question Lord has for you “Was my arm too short?” Isa 50:2. His hands can reach anywhere and change any situation and you being under his hands. All things are possible. Lord Jesus is a specialist of impossibilities. Let us obey the Lord for He asked “Wait in hope for my arms” Isa 51:5. If you hope this way surely Then you will know that I am the Lord;those who hope in me will not be disappointed Isa 49:23 I wait in hope under his arms. Jesus I love to be under your arms on which my name is written. You promised “I will keep you and will make you” Isa 49:8
Lord I am safe under your arms. Yes Lord thank you for holding me up in your arms always. Amen.

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