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This was the first miracle* that Jesus did. Jesus did this miracle in the town of Cana in Galilee. So Jesus showed his greatness. And his followers believed in him. John 2:11
Where are the miracles what we read in the bible? Why are miracles not happening in our life? We might have many answers. But the answer will be when we observe and find, how the first miracle happened? Three Steps to the miracle!
First Step: Jesus was invited before the lack happened in the marriage.
Second Step: They went to Jesus to listen what He said
Third Step: They obeyed without questioning although it was irrational.
Every moment we should invite Jesus and be with Him, and have our ears open to listen from Him and have a heart that wants to obey His words. Miracles will flow in our life.
Lord, I invite you to be with me always. My ears are longing to listen from you and my heart is desperate to obey. Amen.

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