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Take Joshua son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit Num 27:18
Moses was told he was going to die. People of Israel, still haven’t reached Cannan the Promised Land. Moses prayed, Lord appoint a man to lead. God chose Joshua, reason what God mentioned for His selection is because the Spirit of God was within Him. The day you received Jesus as your personal savior, the Spirit of Jesus has come into you.

But are filled with the Holy Spirit? To be filled you should long and be at God’s presence. Even while doing our day-to-day activities keep speaking to God. We read in the tent where God spoke to Moses face to face, even after Moses leaving the place, Joshua stayed in the tent. Desire to be in, fellowship with God. David said one day in your temple is better than thousand days elsewhere. So let us decide, my mind is not going to be idle or wandering in worldly thoughts but going to be with Jesus.

Jesus I want to speak with you always. Never let my spirit to take control of my life. Always I will be filled in Holy Spirit by God’s grace. Amen

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